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To the best of our knowledge we have coined the term DeLOTO (De-Energise Lock Out and Tag Out) which is built on the American and international LOTO concept. While Lockout - Tagout has been practiced and has further been specified by various legislative and safety frameworks for many years already, research continues to show that improper de-energise & lockout remains a major source of harm to workers.

At SafeTE, we believe that a critical aspect which has been overlooked in the marketplace is a specialist company whose only focus is DeLOTO. As a result, SafeTE was incepted and we look forward to partnering with you!

We value proposition includes:
  • provide you with the best available technologies
  • be competitively priced due to economies of scale
  • undertake research to improve our product offering and to cater for the ever-increasing changes in equipment and machinery
  • engage with equipment manufacturers/designers to select the most appropriate system to achieve effective lockout on your behalf
  • ensure that the focus is maintained with minimum input from yourself, through the introduction of "off the shelf" solutions in training, awareness and reinforcement material
  • guarantee the highest level of service with sufficient stock holding, shortest delivery time and provision of the best quality
  • share (at no cost to our partners) accident and incident learnings from across the industry and the world, as well various technical and safety "leading practices" relating to the subject of LOTO


To be the leader in all DeLOTO related matters.


To assist our industry in avoiding needless DeLOTO related tragedies by raising awareness, providing solutions and elevating the importance of DeLOTO.


Human Life is precious!
Don't just lockout ... DeLOTO!

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